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who I am & what I do


I grew up and got my basic education in Austria, Europe and have been living, working and studying in China since 2010. My Background is an overlap between tourism & hospitality management, web marketing and social media – all with a focus on China.

I work on exciting projects in education and consulting for a few awesome businesses mostly in China and the US. Most of my time is dedicated to running BMG’s and GRE’s China office, where I am in charge of all China related projects, trainings, and services.

I hold a blended masters in tourism, marketing and new media earned in Austria as well as an MBA earned in China. I believe in life long learning and I am still (yes, still!) studying – at the moment trying to further improve my Mandarin Chinese while also trying to more profoundly understand China.



my background in a couple of slides
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my academic record

2015 / 08 - now

International Business & Management

Postgraduate Research Program

International PhD Program
UIBE Business School (对外经济贸易大学,国际商学院)

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Academic Achievement Award 1st Prize (2015-2016)
  • – University Research Scholarship (2015-2019)

2018 / 08 - now

Public Administration

Graduate Research Program

Int’l Master of Public Administration
RUC, School of Public Administration & Policy (中国人民大学,公共管理学院)

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – IMPA Program Scholarship (2018-2019)

2015 / 08 - 2018 / 06

Contemporary China Studies

Graduate Research Program

Master of Contemporary China Studies (Politics)
Renmin University, School of Int’l Studies (中国人民大学,国际学院)

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Graduation with Distinction (2018)
  • – Beijing Government Scholarship (2016-2017)
  • – China Studies Program Scholarship (2015-2016)



  • – Program Assistant (Web & Marketing)

2013 / 08 - 2015 / 06

Advanced Chinese Studies

Non-Degree Language Studies

Advanced / Business Chinese Language Studies, HSK 5 Certificate

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Chinese Government Scholarship (2012-2013)

2011 / 09 - 2013 / 06

Business Administration

International MBA

International MBA Program
UIBE Business School (对外经济贸易大学,国际商学院)

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Graduation with Distinction (2013)
  • – Outstanding Graduate Award (2013)
  • – Academic Achievement Award 1st Prize (2012-2013)
  • – Academic Achievement Award 1st Prize (2011-2012)



  • – Volunteer Teaching, Rural Yunnan Province (Summer 2013)
  • – Volunteer Teaching, Rural Guizhou Province (Summer 2012)

2010 / 09 - 2011 / 07

Basic Chinese Studies

Non-Degree Language Studies

Chinese Language & Culture Studies Foundation
Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学)

@ Beijing, China

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Outstanding Graduate Award 2011
  • – Chinese Government Language Scholarship (2010-2011)

2005 / 09 - 2010 / 07

Tourism Management

Applied Sciences Degree Program

Magister FH (~MSc) in blended studies of Management, Marketing, and Tourism.
FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

@ Salzburg Urstein, Austria

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Graduation with Distinction (2010)
  • – China Know-How Scholarship (Summer 2008)
  • – China Know-How Scholarship (Summer 2007)
  • – Academic Achievement Scholarship (2005-2006)



  • – Teaching Certificate

2004 / 10 - 2005 / 04


Diploma Program

Marketing Diploma Program
BFI Training Institute

@ Salzburg, Austria


  • – Graduation with Distinction (2005)

2001 / 09 - 2003 / 07

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Diploma Program

Tourism & Hospitality (F&B) Management Diploma
STS – Salzburg Tourism Schools

@ Klessheim, Austria

Scholarships / Awards

  • – Graduation with Distinction (2003)
  • – Outstanding Student Award (2003)



  • – Austrian Junior Sommelier – Distinction (2002)
  • – Certificate for Spoken English in Industry & Commerce (2002)
  • – Internship in Japan (2002)



my work history

2017 / 01 - now

Director China Office

GRE – Global Ready Education

@ Beijing, China / San Francisco, US

2014 / 11 - now

Director China Office

BMG – BRIC Marketing Group

@ Beijing, China / San Francisco, US

2011 / 05 - 2014 12

Guest Lecturer

for eMarketing & Tourism Strategy
HNA Trouism Group & FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

@ Sanya (Hainan), China

2011 / 08 - 2014 / 11

Project Manager

China Travel Trends

@ Beijing, China

2010 / 04 - 2010 / 07

Web 2.0, Social Media & Web Marketing

BlueChip Media

@ Zell am See, Austria

2004 / 07 - 2010 / 03

CEO's Assistant

Ambulante Dienste Salzburg (Social Services, & Home Nursing)
(earlier: Webmaster & Project Work)

@ Salzburg, Austria

2003 / 11 - 2004 / 05

Management Trainee

Magazin Wine Store, Deli & Restaurant

@ Salzburg, Austria

2002 / 07 - 2002 / 07

F&B Management Trainee / Intern

Kumomi-En Japanese Onsen Ryokan

@ Shizuoka, Japan

Summers 1999 - 2003

Summer Jobs

ADS & Morawa (Home Care, Marketing, Office Assistant, Data Capture)

@ Salzburg, Austria

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hear it from them

Stefan has a keen eye for design, impeccable taste, and is well aware of the challenges of an intercultural and diverse mix of target customers – a challenge which he tackles with a high level of professionalism and efficiency. Stefan works hard and delivers impressive results – both online and offline.

Tom Yuen - Image Consultant

I walked away from the seminar with useful knowledge, an action plan of next steps and a better understanding of customs, needs, and services required to be a good host to Chinese travelers. Expertise, first hand knowledge of life in China, and great use of multi media, made the seminar one of the most valuable I have ever attended.

Al Munguia (Oregon Tourism Commission)

Stefan is an incredible wealth of talent and has mastery of the China market. Throughout numerous projects he has shown a great understanding of how to best put together information for the travel industry and blends his talents both online and offline together harmoniously.

Jason Pacheco (BMG Marketing Group)

Stefan is among the most qualified people I have worked with: He takes each project to heart, works with great attention to detail, and makes his deadlines while managing several project partners around the globe. His productivity and efficiency have impressed me as well as many partners and clients.

Jens Thraenhart (China Travel Trends)

Stefan was an enthusiastic, energetic, hardworking and exceptionally well-organized student. I find him a well-trained, ambitious, and yet very open-minded and even self-effacing young man. He is highly capable of working entirely on his own in a self-directed manner and I am truly impressed by his educational achievements.

Prof Roman Egger (Fh Salzburg University of Applied Sciences)

Stefan always makes the right suggestions and decisions based on a clear understanding of what works best for the end user. Stefan’s skill set is a well-rounded combination of technical and people skills, topped off with industry expertise in tourism/travel and the Chinese market.

Judith Raboth (DecaneX)

Working with Stefan is simple and efficient:
Great consulting, solid realization, friendly support and flexibility throughout the project. Well done!

Ralf Minow - Beijing Kickers

I remember Stefan as an ambitious and hardworking student who would not hesitate to take on challenging projects – both, individually and in teams. His performance was consistently among the top students in his class and he graduated with distinction based on his industry research thesis project.

Leonhard Woerndl (FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences)

I was especially taken by Stefan’s creative mind and work ethic. He was always well prepared and his contributions were profound and went beyond what’s on the surface. He has the terrific ability to draw his own experiences and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on issues and showed remarkable problem solving ability.

Prof Gregory Slayton (Tuck Business School at Darthmouth)

In addition to actual volunteer classroom activities, Stefan has donated countless hours for preparation and continuous adjustment of teaching materials and student activities. He has shown a high level of commitment, passion and empathy for the students, and his professionalism contributed significantly to the whole program’s success.

Tony Shi (Manager UIBE Rural China Volunteer Programs 2012 & 2013)

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